Charlotte Purser

My goal is to help you put your best self forward with confidence, ease, clarity, and originality so you can acheive your ambitions and aspirations.


Currently an actor, filmmaker, and photographer, I am also a Professor of Acting at Montclair State University. Every week, I work with actors of all experience levels as well as many different types of professionals on their presentation needs.


I have been an actor for the past 28 years (I started acting when I was 13). In that time, I have spent thousands of hours training, practicing, and performing the art form I love. It is literally my life's work.


All of this has given me a highly unique and specific skillset in the art of performance and presentations that I am absolutely thrilled to share with you. My knowledge about the processes involved in conquering the challenge of nerves in any situation has led many to successful auditions, pitch meetings, and presentations for my clients.


I trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (currently ranked as the UK's number 1 drama school) where I earned a Master of Arts in Acting. I also studied with the Moscow Art Theatre School as part of their  Stanislavsky program in Boston and with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London for their Acting Shakespeare Certificate Course. I am also an honors graduate of the University of Texas.

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I look forward to working with you on your next project!

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