"The meditation at the beginning was amazing. I am usually fairly comfortable but on occasion I will get nervous and it will overtake me (causing physical ticks like shaking). Having some mediation tricks to calm my nerves and bring me back in check is hugely helpful."


- Blair P. - Vice President

I've got a growing number of confident and happy clients. Here's what a few of them had to say about their experiences with me as a coach and teacher:

"I definitely learned some great tactics to help prepare myself before speaking in public and am more aware and alert with my presence."


- Allison- Account Executive

"I loved it. Please come back next year for a refresher!

I feel like through the workshop I learned some real tools to put in my tool box. I especially liked the reminder to slow down, draw out the story, TELL the story, and I also really liked the idea of radiating."


- S. M. B. - Owner/ President

"Charlotte is the REAL deal!"


-Thomas H. - Actor